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September 11th, 2001


Mary Amons- Real Housewives of DC

"I will never forget the beautiful weather on that fateful morning.  It was truly a bluebird September day in DC.  I had just returned home from taking my kids to school and made a phone call to a friend while having my coffee. I was tidying up the kitchen with "The Today Show" on as I had done everyday with the volume down so I could hear as I caught up on the phone with a girlfriend.  I looked up and watched in horror as Matt Lauer reported the breaking news of the first plane hitting one of the twin towers, appearing as if the plane was off course and this was some terrible accident.  Wow, unreal how something like this could happen I thought to myself.  Then moments later as the reporting and speculations continued, the second plane hit. Clearly this was no accident; this was a deliberate act of terror against our Nation.  Of all places for this to transpire, the true epicenter of our financial world.  I sat thinking about the evil minds behind all of this.  I was numb and glued to the television watching in shock and disbelief as these images looped over and over. All I could think about was the sheer terror going on all over our Country. Fear, shock, anger, sadness, were all running though me as I sat and panicked about the safety of my own family. 

I quickly hung up with my friend and called my husband who was at the gym.  I asked him to go immediately to school and grab the kids. I was desperate to have my babies huddled together in safety back home.  Rich was one of the first parents to arrive at school and one of the last people permitted to cross the bridge back into Virginia from the District before the bridges were shut down in fear that they could also be under attack.  Thank God, within just 30 minutes we were all together safe at home. 

What an eerie and pivotal turn of events that gorgeous September day became in our Nation's history.  Our neighbors all converged outside.   Our house is situated between the flight path to Reagan airport and the CIA. All air travel had ceased and for the first time in my memory, there was no noise coming from the air except for the fleet of F15 fighter jets buzzing the skies every so often.   There were reports of other planes that were apart of the attacks still in flight and word was that there was a plane headed directly towards the CIA, located less than one mile from our home.  That plane was in fact headed to the Pentagon.    

As the day unfolded and our eyes glued to our television sets with the trauma and terror of the day, I could only imagine how witnessing this part of history would affect the freedom of living in this great Country of ours. 

I am grateful that a dear friend of ours who works for the Pentagon as a police officer was able to courageously walk in to the crash site with the help of his bomb sniffing dog and save numerous people. A true hero.  I was grateful that my cousin Chuck and his granddaughters were bumped off the flight that was out of Boston to LA that wet down I'm a field.  I realized then that this pivotal day would forever change our world.  

10 years later, the wars against terror continue and hopefully peace will prevail someday.  Thousands and thousands of brave men and women have lost their lives to protect us as we go about our daily lives.  To them I am humbled and extremely grateful.  

I will never forget the beautiful weather on that fateful day. I will never forget the many stories of the heroism and pain that occurred that day.  God bless us all and God bless America."
-Mary Amons

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Rich Amons- Real Housewives of DC

"I recall a perfect September morning in Washington, DC, the sky was bright blue and cloudless and the Potomac was sparkling and the sun bouncing off the various college crews shells headed up river as I dropped off the kids in Georgetown for school that day.
I was watching Katie Couric and Matt Lauer on the Today Show while I ran on the treadmill and they were discussing a small plane running into the WTC, which seemed odd to me, did the pilot have a heart attack, etc.
Then as Matt was speaking you could clearly see another large jet ram straight into the other tower over his shoulder in the shot on live TV!
I panicked and jumped off the treadmill and ran out to my car to run back to Georgetown to grab the kids while talking on my mobile to Mary who told me a plane had just crashed into the Pentagon! I was the first parent at the school and hustled my kids into the car to get out of DC! As we crossed the Key Bridge I looked South and saw the black smoke rising out of the pentagon but didn't say anything to the kids and headed North on the GW parkway. I noticed there wasn't a plane or helicopter in the sky over the Potomac following the flight path down to Reagan Airport. We got home and followed the story on TV for the rest of the day. I will never forget the people jumping to their deaths and the towers crumbling down....
It was the closest I have ever felt to living in a war zone and I will never get over how perfectly still and quiet the air was and how blue the sky was that day."

-Rich Amons

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Lynda Erkiletian- Real Housewives of DC

"9/11 was devastating and tragic for so many.  It was also a time when we became one in the USA.  I am proud to be an American and nothing makes me happier than to see greatness rise from the ashes.  FNO is a celebration and the launch of fashion week, but also an opportunity to give back to an industry that has given so much.  Thoughts and prayers for those whose lives were taken and the families who have suffered.  May we continue to find the gifts and carry on!"

-Lynda Erkiletian

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Lea Black- Real Housewives of Miami

"Sept 11 is a day to reflect on who we are as people and as a country and to give thanks for being able to celebrate the memories of those who are not physically here but we know are with us in spirit.  Grief is unexplainable and unbearable, but perhaps the ultimate measure of the depth of our relationships and our ability to love. As hard as it is to let it go- we must, knowing that's what we would want others to do if they were grieving for us. Our greatest tribute to those we miss is to celebrate and acknowledge who they are for us -
Be greatful for every day of life - it can change in an instant."

-Lea Black

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Countess Luann deLesspes- Real Housewives of NYC

"I was in Switzerland on 9/11 and we didn't know till after 3pm because of time difference. It was like watching a horror film and it didn't seem real. It's was amazing how New Yorkers came together and helped each other In a time if crisis. I’m Proud to be an American!"

-Luann deLesseps

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Reichen Lehmkuhl- The A-List NYC 

"On the morning of September 11th, I was woken up at my home in L.A. by a call from my mother who was crying that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center tower.  I turned on the television to watch in horror as another plane crashed into another tower.  I stayed in bed all day watching the news unfold, along with the rest of the world.  I had just separated from the Air Force three months earlier.  Many of my friends who were still serving (we were all at the rank of Captain then) were deployed almost immediately to Afghanistan to fly in and set up intelligence centers throughout the region.  I'm thankful for the brave men and women who have answered the call to duty when our government has asked them to give their lives (sometimes completely) for the cause of bringing the people responsible for 9/11 to justice. 

-Reichen LehmKuhl

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