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 Hey everyone! Here is our first official blog post and it's going to be a good one!

I had the opportunity to speak with the one and only Lynda Erkiletian! Before I get into the details of our talk let me say that Lynda is one of the nicest people I have ever spoken with! For the little interaction I have had with her over twitter, when she was on the other end of a phone with me it felt like I had known her for years! This was my first "interview" of any sort and my nerves were on edge but within the first 5 minutes I had calmed down. Her energy, even brought through the phone, was amazing.

I had emailed with her publicist Michelle to set everything up and she was a blessing to work with as well!

*KEEP IN MIND; THIS INTERVIEW WAS CONDUCTED PRIOR TO THE DC CANCELLATION! Look for the “After Cancellation” interview to be posted soon!*


I called Lynda at her office in Georgetown, Washington D.C., and was promptly transferred to Lynda. We had planned to talk for only about 30-minutes but it ended up being more like 50. She had Mary Amons, District Sample Sale to attend later in the evening so we spoke about that among other things.

Here's my interview with Lynda Erkiletian!

Q: What have you heard from Bravo regarding a season 2?

A: "What we have heard is that, basically there are negotiations that are taking place and when they have finalized their decisions they will be in touch!" Lynda also made a point to point out the way Bravo does their business stating "they (Bravo) have a unique way of doing business, and as a business woman I have come to really respect the decisions that they make and how they make them"

Q: What do you think about all the blogs reporting that they have "inside information" regarding the second season, or should we say lack of a second season?

A: "I think that what some bloggers tend to do is print rumors, print what they hear then check for facts and retract what they said after the fact." Lynda went on to say "I would like to see everyone adhere to the laws of journalism and check facts before posting an article. Some bloggers are only after ratings."

Q: If there were a second season would you return, even if the Salahi's were to return?

A: “No, never!"

Q: What if the Salahi's were NOT to return, would you!

A: “Yes, I loved being a DC housewife and representing Washington, DC, and my industry, and the charities I am involved in. It was an incredible learning experience, it showed me a whole new world out there that I was not familiar with!" Lynda added, "I feel a second season would continue to enrich my life, I could be cast along with Cat (Ommanney), Mary (Amons), and Stacie (Turner) as well as other fabulous DC women!"

Q: If there is a second season what can we look forward to from you?

A: “Every day my calendar changes but it's always full and depending on when they began filming I have so much going on I could show! Of course my work is all year round, I also work with a non-profit foundation in LA, which keeps me busy. My son Aaron who is in a band called "Square Trio" who is releasing their 4th CD and this is really my life! I think it's interesting and it's wonderful because it is my real life but I look forward to those boring days when I have nothing to do."

Q: "Are your children involved in THE Artist Agency in any way?"

A: “No, my daughter worked here for a short time and learned that she wanted to return to college! And I'm not suggesting they go into my business, I feel it was my passion and my love but I want them to embrace their own passions! I have always supported what my children have wanted to do as long as it's not detrimental. To their health!"

Q: What was one "like" and one "dislike" about being on the Real Housewives of Washington DC?

*Like- learning the whole process or filming and directing and being a character on a reality television show. I also enjoyed becoming friends with Cat and Stacie and getting to know Mary better.
*Dislike-Being thrown under the bus by bloggers who didn't check their facts.

Q: Do you watch any of the other RHW franchise?

OC: "I have really only seen one season of OC but I enjoyed it and have been watching this season as well! They are certainly intertwining."

NY: "I watched Bethenny Ever After just last night but I watched the twitters going crazy about how she was mean, but then I watched the show and didn't see it!" Lynda then added "I am happy for Bethenny and happy she left the housewives because I think it was getting uncomfortable to watch her and Jill."

Atlanta: "I watch Atlanta!"

New Jersey: "Unfortunately I stopped watching New Jersey when Danielle was like, a little out of control. I felt like it made me feel uncomfortable and was no longer entertainment. I am definitely going to give New Jersey another chance now that she is gone. I really enjoyed the other women. I also believe that New Jersey was like DC with our (Alleged) ‘White House crashers’ that with the hair pulling and everything on New Jersey it was a turn off and made us lose some viewers.”

DC: Duh! What do you think! (This is me (Admin) saying this, not Lynda)

Beverly Hills: "I really really enjoyed Beverly Hills!"

Miami: "I have not watched Miami. I tried to watch an episode or two and then thought, you know what I'm going to go open my mail!"

Q: You being from the south, what do you think of Phaedra claiming to be the "Ultimate Southern Belle"?

A: "Well I think she sounds southern!" Lynda then added, "I think she is hilarious! I mean that baby shower could not have been more hilarious! She's funny, I really enjoy watching her!"

Q: Do you think the Salahi's involvement with the show is to blame for the critics and bloggers not caring much for DC? In other words do you think if there is a season two and the Salahi's are not on it the viewers will receive the show better?

A: "Yeah. I think given an opportunity to follow our day-to-day life and give us a second go ahead people would watch. I think Washington could be an incredible show. The District of Columbia is the nations Capitol; it is where the president resides. I think it's an interesting place where interesting things go on. They call it Hollywood on the Potomac because constantly we have celebs coming in and out that have something to say, they are here to take part in a wonderful city that does make changes possible."

Q: Speaking of President Obama it is true you voted for him, correct?

A: "Even though I am a republican!"

Q: What do you think of his (President Obama) performance thus far?

A: "I still support President Obama, I feel that I vote for the person and not for the party and I still believe in him as a person. I would like to see the rest of congress and the senate and the unions across the US get it together and take care of waste and greed and get us back on track!"

Q: Was there anything edited out of the show, which was filmed, that you wish had been featured?

A: "Too many things for me to ever be able to give you a list of. In any film project due to editing they cut certain content."

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

A: "Eating fried chicken!"

Q: Do you prefer to cook, or eat out?

A: "I like both! I really enjoy cooking. When I cook I like to cook for more than 10 people. I like to piddle in the kitchen and cook up little things for my kids but if I'm actually going to cook I like to cook for an army!"

Q: What is something you want your fans to know about you that were either not shown or that was misconstrued on the show?

A: "I think that I'm a lot more light-hearted and funny and ditsy, which sometimes that word can come off in a negative way but I think Lucille Ball will live so long as I'm alive! I think that if you sat down with me in a casual setting you would probably have a little giggle or two!"

Q: What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

A: "My father was military and traveled a lot and when he would come home and walk through the door with his uniform on we (3 brothers and 2 sister plus Lynda) would be jumping all over him. It was such a joy for him to be home. That was a big highlight in my life."

Q: what is one of your favorite things to do on a rainy day?

A: "Read my magazines and watch old movies"

Q: The scene when Stacie (Turner) insinuated that Cat (Ommanney) may be a racist because she doesn't care much for Tyra (Banks) or President Obama do you feel Cat is a racist and how did Ebong feel regarding that statement?

A: "Ebong never thought twice about the statement. And no Cat is in no way racist!"

Q: the last and final question, and it's a big one so I saved it for last

Lynda then chimes in "Don't ask me to marry you!"


No, not that! But it does have to do with Marriage! Is there a wedding in you and Ebongs future?

A: "That’s a secret. You know Ebong and I are very happy and we have a beautiful relationship. In our hearts we are as close as any two people can get"

Lynda and I then chatted about cooking, family, DC and some other fun stuff!

I would like to thank Lynda for taking the time to talk with me as well as Michelle for everything she has done!

I was also able to speak with Lynda after the announcement was made that DC was canceled so look for that to be posted soon!

(Special thanks to the bloggers who helped me with this! You all rock! Especially Lynn, ROH and PYHU!)

4/16/2011 07:55:03

Love your interview with Lynda. You did an amazing job. Fantastic!

4/16/2011 08:30:34

Great job!! I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

4/16/2011 16:11:34

Awesome interview! Nice to feel such positive energy from our area!

4/17/2011 06:48:09

Came here from Lynn, ROH, and PYHU's twitter posts.

Great job !! :o)

4/19/2011 06:23:55

Great interview - really enjoyed it! I came here also from Lynn, ROH and PYHU.

4/25/2011 13:17:31

Great interview. Whaen will you post more interviews with the other DC Gales?

4/25/2011 13:26:16

Thank you everyone!

Reality_Buzz- I agree completely! To know this is where I call home is awesome!

NewtoDC- SOON!
Cat will be back in town soon and I will have a chance to connect with her!

Hopefully after Mary's event on May 4th ( ) I will have a chance to talk with her!

And then of course the second part of my interview with Lynda will be coming soon!



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